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15 advice to help your child to eat healthy foods

The following tips from proven mother of triplets at the age of seven , and you can follow to make your child eat vegetables and drink milk and accept new foods , and others. Walid Abdul Ghani site Egypt Fife

This working mother and a dietitian deal daily with children of different ages who are weeded out what they eat.

And try to push their children to eat healthy foods of the challenges that bear very seriously .

It is worth mentioning that one of her daughters to have an allergy to eggs , peanuts, and some other foods , while her other daughter not to eat fresh fruit ; Fortunately, the third son likes to try any new foods . Under the specialization in the field of nutrition , mothers always tell her about their sense of guilt toward their children ‘s diet ; understand how important it is to feed teach children healthy foods but they do not teach the way to it. Regardless of their background Ko_khasaúah feeding , she had to experience and learn through trial with her ​​three children . Here are the most important lessons I have learned and that will help you to guide your children to eat well .

Table setting . Children need to eat every three or four hours : three meals and two snacks, and two types of many fluids. If we planned for , it would be the diet of our children will be more balanced and less indignation of the child , because it will not feel hungry . And advises the writer put Ice Box or any bag keeps food in the car when you go out and fill them with carrots and salted biscuits , yogurt , and water so as not to rely on fast food .
Planning dinners . If the thought of a weekly menu is likable to you , you can start planning for two or three days each time . It should not be good for the dinner to be fanciful , but balanced : Baked beans whole , and rice , or pasta ; fruit or vegetables ; protein such as meat or cheese or beans. And can usually provide soup , bread and cut apples or watermelons with the meal .
Away from junk food. Should stay away from that bad habit . Which are summarized in the preparation of meals – one Christbunha know that the children and one for the father and the mother . It is better to be prepared and one meal for all the family around and meet them and choose what they want children . The children often imitate the behavior of parents , and therefore will eat someday most of their food .
To remain silent . Despite this , it is difficult , but it is advised not to comment on the type of food you eat or the way the child to eat it. Be natural as possible. And remember that you do your part to prepare balanced meals ; addressed and that is the responsibility of the child responsible . If forced the child to eat – if the orders against him , such as ” eat Khaddruatc ” – will take the direction of the child resistance .
Provide new foods slowly . Children fear new foods naturally . It can tell the child that the parts responsible for the taste of the tongue must get used to the new flavor so they like the food . It can tell the child the highest such deals this meal . He rejected a children eat peas until his mother told him that Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player covered to keep on humming . This became a child now addresses the pea at all times .
Modifications or additions. If children do not eat vegetables , can experience Bgamsha in ketchup or the like . One of the children did not try vegetables only after dipping a finger of islands in the sauce like mayonnaise salad . And accepts many of the children are usually the types of sauce containing chickpeas and Asalsalp and yogurt .
Reliance on breakfast. Most families do not address enough fiber on a daily basis , and are considered breakfast a good opportunity to introduce this important food item . Therefore should choose high-fiber breakfast cereals . Or can be prepared quantities of pancakes and waffles made ​​with whole grains and continue throughout the week.
Enter surreptitiously in soy meals. The soy milk sources of brilliant dyes or chemicals plant . Because many of the children do not like soy milk , can be entered by stealth to meals. It uses soy milk with recipes that enters the milk like some Alsosat and mashed potatoes and others.
Put some sugar . Sometimes helps sprinkle some sugar on some types of cooked vegetables such as carrots to push children to be addressed . Can also do the same thing with some fruits. May increase the amount of sugar they eat a little , but they get used on fruits and vegetables again and again .
Children’s participation in making meals. When children’s participation in the selection and preparation of meals , will accept more to eat what she created their hands . It can take them to the market to choose what they want in the making . If allowed to age , can participate in cutting vegetables, mixing etc. of simple tasks . The children who refuse to accept eating fresh fruit to eat cakes containing those fruits.
Stop buying junk food. Remember that you – not the children – responsible for the food that enters your home . With a lack of ready-made foods that children see it , they will have to eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy products.
Allowing some foods sometimes forbidden . Provide less healthy foods from time to time helps not to the boredom of those foods , but makes children accept them. Therefore can let the kids from time to time with candy and soda and cookies ready . Although the habit is to provide healthy foods , can allow them to buy some other types of candy or something like during the holidays or presence abroad . You can also eat out in restaurants a favorite for kids of each period .
Impart an atmosphere of fun. Whenever meals were innovative , the more types of food covered by the children . Could be the work of a smiley face with vegetables or cake , could also be released on the funny names meals. (It may , for example, is called broccoli ” trees Baby ” or “food of dinosaurs .” ) And any reduction of sizes of food makes a difference with the kids , too. Can be used Cutter sweets and cakes for chopping foods in the form of hearts and stars of loved children .
Be an example . If the parents and unhealthy eating habits , children will be established and they see these things as normal habits . So the parents and be honest with themselves in relation to the messages they send to their children about food. Shown good nutritional habits and your children would follow Hdhuk .

Is your outlook on things . Parents realize that what matters is what kids eat in the long run . Eating any foods that do not comply with the diet you like at events from time to time will not hurt . As long as you balance these meals smart food choices and physical activity , your children will become healthy .

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